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    Spirit of Spring

    A Yin Yoga and Sound Bath practice at Williston Conservation Trust

    Sunday May 1, 2:00 -4:00 pm

    Cost: $65

    Rushton Conservation Center 
    915 Delchester Road
    Newtown Square PA 19073

    It’s Spring time! And we are slowly rising out of our winter hibernation. Even the name “spring” reflects the nature of this season - to move forward, to rise out of hibernation. The season of spring is when the buds burst forth on the trees; the flowers push their way out of the earth; the seeds crack open with new growth. All of life is in a state of blossoming, expanding its energy, and growing.


    In the Daoist tradition, Spring is associated with the Wood element. In Spring the energy of the Wood element dominates, bringing more focus to our plans, life dreams and relationships. It’s also an auspicious time to focus on releasing emotions that no longer serve us.


    Join Rachael Hunter and Swami Johnny Baba for a special restorative Yin Yoga style practice and sound bath at the gorgeous Ruston Conservation Centre in beautiful Chester County. In this pastoral setting you will be guided through long held deep stretches designed to support and balance the Wood energy within, and surrounded by the tones of Himalayan Singing Bowls and a Nepalese gong. The warmth of the singing bowls and Johnny’s Sanskrit mantra chanting helps to deepen your relaxation, to bring you to a place of balance and receptivity.


    Stay for tea and snacks and to learn more about Willistown Conservation Trust.


    Suitable for all levels


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