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    You can find all of the classes I recorded in 2020 on my Vimeo page here.

    Rise and Shine (12/19/20)

    A practice to fortify our Water element.
    This practice targets the Kidney and Bladder meridians of the body, starting with myofascial release (using therapy or tennis balls) and progressing to a strong standing sequence and hope work.

    You do not have to be a fire for every mountain blocking you.
    You could be a water and soft river your way to freedom too.
    - Nayyirah Waheed

    Yin Yoga (12/23/20)

    A Practice for Presence.

    Pre Christmas Yin - tapping into our heart space.
    Myofascial release of the back body, with some twisting and juicy hip work

    Rise and Shine (12/26/20)

    "Enter the bowl of vastness that is the heart ..." Radiant Sutras translated by Lorin Roche

    A twisting balancing dynamic mobility practice. Starting in heart bench, building into standing poses that move around the mat.


    A Yin practice for spaciousness and freedom.
    A juicy hip and low back sequence.

    Rise and Shine (1/2/21)

    Attuning to the space and freedom within - a mindful movement practice with twisting and balance and hip work.