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    Recorded livestream classes from a previous week


    Suggested donation is $10 per class

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    The more recent classes are offered below. You can find all of the classes I have recorded on my Vimeo page here.

    All Levels Flow (10/10/20)

    Shoulders Twists and Triangles.
    Shoulder mobility leading into a twisty practice builds toward revolved triangle pose.


    Yin Yoga(10/13/20)



    Guided by these beautiful words from Yung Pueblo, this practice includes some much needed neck releases as well as a supine sequence to create space in the body.


    All Levels Flow (10/17/20)

    Twists Core Shoulders Balance ... all the elements of a fun practice in this one. We start slow and build in with shapes and movements that grow the challenge and tested my balance for sure!!


    Yin Yoga (10/20/20)

    This class uses myofascial balls or tennis balls or a rolled blanket to work the upper back and side body. Myofascial release followed by longer held Yin poses = happy bodies.


    All Levels Flow (10/24/20)

    No matter what is happening in the present moment we can always trust the support of the ground beneath us .. and the space of our breath.
    A twisty and side-bendy practice relying on that foundation of our feet on the earth, and the connection to our breath. Sequence inspired by the amazing Nikki Vilella of Kula Yoga.

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