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    Suggested donation is $10 per class

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    The more recent classes are offered below. You can find all of the classes I have recorded on my Vimeo page here.

    All Levels Flow (7/4/20)

    All Levels Flow class - to cultivate friendliness :)
    A mindful flow practice - building into balancing figure 4, half moon pose and "sugar cane" (chapasana!!).

    Yin (7/7/20)

    A Yin practice to cultivate compassion.
    An invitation to allow ourselves to be as we are - to invite kindness and compassion for where we are at.
    "Kindness is a form of Intelligence" - Nayyirah Waheed.

    All Levels Flow (7/11/20)

    Building on last weeks flow, adding in balancing figure 4 pose and some pilates inspired core work.

    Yin (7/14/20)

    A Yin practice to cultivate what Jillian Pransky describes as "deep listening" - inviting loving kindness awareness to the present moment as it is.

    All Levels Flow (7/18/20)

    Inspired by a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver entitled "When I am among the trees ...".
    Drawing on the roots we build when we connect to the earth - steady and strong - building into tree pose and dancers pose. Shoulder and back strengthening along the way too!

    A couple of guest appearances by my sweet doggie as an added bonus.

    Yin Yoga (7/28/20)

    A Yin Yoga practice focussed on the Psoas. Filmed outside in the beautiful Finger Lakes. Warning - a short dog interruption when Chetzel was checking on Margie and Piper didn't like its - no dogs were hurt during this practice!!

    All Levels Flow 8/1/20)

    This was MY first practice for a week ... so we do a little bit of everything: core, balance, strength and mobility.


    The focus is on Pratyahara - the conscious withdrawal of energy from our sensory input. Using this quality of withdrawal to create space between what is happening and our reponse, learning how to more skillfully respond to whatever is happening in the moment.


    "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom" - Victor Frankl

    All Levels Flow 8/8/20)

    Theme: Pratyahara .. the "turning inward" quality of Yoga.

    The physical practice is a blend of hip/shoulder mobility and strength with some pilates inspired core-work as well as prone backbends.


    "Withdrawal can be the very best way of stepping forward and done well, a beautiful freeing act of mercy, and as an art form underestimated in this time of constant action and engagement ...Withdrawal is often not what it looks like - a disappearance - no, to withdraw from entanglement can be to appear again to the world in a very real way and begin the process of renewing the primary essential invitation again."


    From "Consolations" by David Whyte.

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