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    With a shared belief that yoga and travel offer a unique opportunity for growth and transformation, Kristin Page and I have joined forces to offer yoga adventures in magical places.


    In collaboration with OneYogaGlobal we have travelled to North Iceland and Tulum, Mexico. Whether you are seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, an inspiring adventure or simply to travel with like-minded souls we hope you will join us.


    We return to Tulum February 2-7, 2020, Iceland November 14-21, 2020 and have some super exciting destinations planned for the future.


    An Inner Outer Exploration

    Akureyri, Iceland

    A yoga retreat and adventure in North Iceland, November 2016

    Retreat Restore and Renew

    Tulum, Mexico ​

    A yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico. February 2017

    Retreat Restore and Renew

    Tulum, Mexico

    We had an incredible time in beautiful Amansala in Tulum, Mexico.

    February 3-8 2018.

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