• In Person Classes

    Join me for in person practice:


    Wednesday 5:45 pm, Slow & Steady at The Yoga Spot, Gladwyne

    Saturday 7:00 am, Rise & Shine at Movement Rx, Wynnewood

    Saturday 9:30 am, Mandala Flow at The Yoga Spot, Gladwyne

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    Thursday, 12:00 pm, Verge Yoga

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  • Livestream Classes with MANDALA YOGA COLLECTIVE

    Tuesday 7:00 am, Rise & Shine

    Wednesday 5:45 pm, Slow & Steady*

    Wednesday 7:30 pm, Mandala Bliss (Yin Yoga)

    Thursday 7:00 am, Rise & Shine

    Friday 9:00 am, Mandala Flow

    Saturday 7:00 am, Rise & Shine**


    To join these practices, visit the website, create an account, purchase classes or memberships, and you are ready to go!!


    * hybrid in-person/livestream practice, in-person at The Yoga Spot

    ** hybrid in-person/livestream practice, in-person at MovementRx


    The Yoga Spot, 951 Youngs Ford Road, Gladwyne

    Movement Rx, 333 E Lancaster Ave Store 4,Wynnewood


    Rise and Shine

    Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 7:00 - 8:00 am


    All levels movement practice.


    Friday 9:00 - 10:00 am


    All levels movement practice.


    Wednesday, 5:45 pm


    Take your time


    This Slow Flow practice moves at a meditative pace, allowing time to assess if a posture should be modified and time to mentally engage with the body. Enjoy several rounds of breath in each pose with the intention of calming the body and mind


    Yin Yoga

    Wednesday 7:30 pm


    Deep and stretchy


    Slow, long held poses using props, such as blankets and bolsters, to support the shapes. Yin Yoga targets our connective tissue, cultivating space in the physical body. This meditative practice is also a beautiful way to cultivate space for our busy minds.

    Props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters (or pillows), and myofascial balls (or tennis balls) will be helpful.

    This class is suitable for all levels.


    Monthly practice

    Next Class: Friday Jan 20, 10:30 am


    Self massage and stretch


    Use self-myofascial release tools & techniques to release tension. The self massage coupled with long-held passive stretches is designed to invite more space and freedom into your body. You will need myofascial balls for this class - we recommend The Roll Method brand. You can purchase them HERE.

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