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Staying warm

The Bomb Cyclone

Staying warm in the arctic freeze

Emerging from yesterdays bomb cyclone (a scary name for an intense but beautiful storm) I am in need of inside heat. My dog knows what to do in this weather - run around like crazy, come inside and lick off all remaining snow, curl up and sleep for HOURS. I think it's canine instinct handed down generation by generation .

We humans on the other hand tend to fight our intuition. We resist staying in pajamas all day, snuggling up with a good book and a loved one, drinking copious amounts of tea. Yesterday the things that had to get done were fun: shoveling (there is still something novel to me about raking leaves and shoveling snow), walking the dog. So I put on all my layers (long thermals, rain pants, hats, jackets, snow boots) and head out to gleefully run down the street with Chetzel and chase him around the park. Returned home, put the kettle on and did some work. Re-layered to go out and shovel, came in and took a long hot bath. More tea. A delicious dinner of chicken sausage and roasted vegetables, bright with peppers and courgettes and sweet potatoes, tender sautéed swiss chard and garlic, red bliss potatoes crisp with rosemary and salt. And then delicious lounging under blankets until bedtime.

This morning I'm heating up on the inside with some spiced coffee - black pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled into the ground coffee, and hot water with slices of fresh ginger. Stay warm everyone!

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