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"Re-treat Yo'self"

The yoga studio and spa centre in Akureyri, Iceland

I've been thinking about the beautiful retreat center in Iceland again. The calm, warm space overlooking the mountains ... the dreamy relaxation room, custom built swedish sauna and the most delightful geothermal outdoor "hotpot" (aka hot tub). One of the joys of our Iceland Yoga Retreat is spending the morning surrounded by this incredible outside beauty ... while sipping delicious Pukka tea (mmm three ginger!!), unwinding on the yoga mat or relaxing in the hot tub. All in preparation for the hiking adventures and nature baths and waterfalls and northern lights. Inspiration Iceland have built a truly inspiring space to enjoy the wonders of Iceland. Paiste gongs, crazy-awesome swedish relaxation chairs, fabulous masseurs. I'll just let you peruse these pictures if you need any more convincing to join me and Kristin Page in November 2018 xo

Relaxation Room
Outdoor hot tub
Yoga room + Paiste Gong