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Hot Springs + Lava Fields + Waterfalls

Dreaming of Iceland

I admit that in the midst of the frigid cold we have been experiencing in Philadelphia, Iceland has not taken up a huge amount of my "dream time". We have had enough winter wonder land the past 2 months, that snow-capped peaks haven't held much allure. Yet I do long for a delicious outdoor swim and hot-tub soak in the low light of a winter morning, and each time I see a picture of Northern Lights I remember the beauty of standing on the mountain pass, our whole group entranced by the coloured light dancing across the sky.

I'm so so excited to share the beauty of this magical land once again in November 2018 when Kristin Page and I return for our Inner and Outer Exploration adventure.

E V E R Y O N E is going to Iceland ... there is a reason for that! Some of the most spectacular scenery and majesty and just plain incredible diversity of landscape is to be found in North Iceland, and the beauty of traveling north is that we get away from the hordes and masses that don't venture far from the sights of the Golden Circle. The hikes just a few minutes away from the retreat center were incredibly beautiful .. no tour buses or crowds snapping pics. The retreat center is inviting and warm and calm and such a beautiful place to start the day. Last year on Hrisey Island we watched humpback whales playing in Eyjafjordur. We walked amongst the snowy white ptarmigans at Gulfoss waterfall. We rode Icelandic horses and tried dog-scootering. Each evening returning to the cozy warmth of the apartments in downtown Akureyri to relax and renew for the next days adventure.

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Here are some links to adventures described in The Guardian:

Taken on our waterfall hike, near the retreat centre.
Attempting some yoga poses in hiking boots!
The brave and fearless Elizabeth, Ben and Kristin