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The perennial student

Wow. I just completed a 4 day pranayama training with Yoganand Michael Carroll, at Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia.

I went into the week-end hoping to learn more about pranayama and how to teach it. Each day I felt like I learned more, knew less, had my world turned around as we practiced. We explored kriyas, mudras and bandhas ... fire building practices and moon dissolving practices .. asana and pranayama .. we integrated and meditated and surrendered completely.

My experience with the different Pranakriya programs is that of a history lesson and a yoga lesson and a philosophy lesson and and etc etc. I realize how shallow and simplistic my understanding of this world of yoga is - and a supremely grateful to teachers like Yoganand who can offer insight and kind words of explanation ... leading us to discover in our own way rather than just telling us "this is how it is".

I'm enrolled in a 300h Teacher Training at Yoga Garden and our scheduled week-ends are coming to a close. Now I have endless hours of workshops and additional hours of learning to look forward to - there is NO sarcasm in those words. I am EXCITED to continue to build on what I have learned. Big THANKS to Mark Nelson and Nikki Albano Robinson for their inspired guidance in this program.

I love that I have workshops "pencilled" into my calendar for April 2019. I can't wait to go to Ireland in a few weeks time for some well deserved hiking and relaxing with my husband, and I'm just as giddy at the prospect of a weekend Yoga retreat on Inismor with the delightful Greg Walsh.

The more I learn and study , the more I realise the more there is to understand. To be a perennial student is a gift in life.