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I keep promising to post smoothie recipes and muffin recipes and all those wonderful things. So - smoothies first :)

After enjoying the most amazing smoothie from a surf shack in Florida I have been adding cayenne to everything recently (hot chocolate, smoothie, you name it) - winner winner in my humble opinion. And dates. But based on a 52 question "what is your dosha" quiz, I learned I am probably fiery enough .. so maybe skipping the cayenne would be for the best for you, but I find it delicious!!

Disclaimer: I am more of a "handful of this", "pinch of that", "slosh in a bit more" kind of cook - guidelines are approximate only :)

Berry/cacao smoothie recipe

frozen fruit (trader joes does some killer mixes of berries) (~ 1 cup)

almond or coconut milk (~ 1 cup)

almond butter (~ 1tsp)

2-3 pitted dates

a big handful of greens (baby spinach or baby kale)

big spoon of raw cacao powder (trader joes for the win)

dash of vanilla essence

option: maca powder (trader joes!), green vibrance (whole foods) cinnamon, cayenne (not too much!) and if I want a bit more oomph I'll use a scoop of "plant fusion" chocolate protein powder (whole foods).

Vitamix until smooth. I love to make it into a smoothie bowl (a la Raw Love Tulum) by topping the smoothie with some raw pumpkin seeds and unsweetened coconut chips, cacao nibs and fresh berries.

Green Mango smoothie

frozen mango (~ 1 cup) Can add some frozen banana too.

almond or coconut milk (~ 1 cup)

2-3 pitted dates

almond butter (~ 1tsp)

a big handful of greens (baby spinach or baby kale)

option: maca, green vibrance, nutmeg, vanilla essence

Vitamix until smooth. Enjoy as is or doctor up into smoothie bowl.

Chocolate peanut butter banana (this feels like a milkshake!!)

Frozen banana (~ 1/2)

ice cubes

1 scoop plant fusion chocolate protein powder

raw cacao powder

vanilla essence

peanut butter (~ 1 tsp)

almond milk (~ 1 cup)

Vitamix until smooth