• Akureyri, North Iceland

    Unfortunately we have to cancel this years Iceland trip due to the uncertainty of travel surrounding Covid-19.

    We are hopeful to be able to reschedule in the future.




    Join us in Northern Iceland to explore one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth. This trip-of-a-lifetime will be both an inner exploration through yoga and meditation, and an outer exploration of a wonderland of moonlike lava fields, snow capped volcanic peaks and geothermal hot springs at 66 degrees North, just south of the arctic circle.


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    If you have any questions please reach us at kryogaretreats@gmail.com.

    Akureyri, North Iceland


    We’re heading back to North Iceland!!

    This will be our 3rd time offering this bespoke retreat in magical Iceland.


    Iceland is one of the planet’s true gems. With a total population of only 330,000, Iceland has struck a perfect balance between a warm, welcoming culture and the raw, untamed beauty of its vast mountainous landscapes. While most toursist groups and cruise lines visit the southern capital city Reykjavik (where the majority of population is), we’ll be heading to 66°North Iceland to the town of Akureyri, the cultural capital of Iceland, and one of Iceland’s best kept secrets. Akureyri has a population of only 18,000, a mild climate on the longest fjord in the country, and close proximity to the Arctic Circle (meaning amazing Northern Lights!) - making Northern Iceland THE place to visit!


    All the details are listed here.
    If you have any questions please reach us at kryogaretreats@gmail.com.



    About the trip


    Fairytale Icelandic winter whites will be the backdrop for this spectacular week with sun during the day and bright moonlit nights providing fascinating light shows–including a possible mystic dance of the Northern Lights. The cold outside is balanced beautifully by the hot geothermal baths and Jacuzzis that are a national pastime of the warm and adventurous Icelandic people.

    In this majestic and tranquil landscape, morning yoga classes with Kristin and Rachael will be followed by group excursions and explorations with our professional guide, who will share details of each site along with local folklore and personal stories.

    Special trips include a visit to Lake Myvatn and its geothermal baths, an incredible hike at Hrisey Island and a visit to the new Geobaths at Husavik. Optional activities include horse riding, spending relaxing time at the incredible retreat center, massages and more. On these days, afternoon yoga may be offered as well.


    All the details can be found here.
    If you have any questions please reach us by email or contact Laura at OneYogaGlobal



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