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Dog Days of August

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Since getting back from a fabulous summer holiday in Wales and Paris I've been adjusting to being back home, getting back into teaching and a weekly routine. It's nice and fluid with the girls being off school, I've been able to take some yoga, practice outside in the breeze, run a lot with Chetzel and swim at the 50m outdoor pool which is as close to heaven as you can find here in suburban Philadelphia. We get all kinds of delicious veggies from our farm share (Red Earth Farm, in Lancaster)and I have been juicing all kinds of tasty blends for David and I.

This one is a spicy green juice - swiss chard, green peppers, cucumber from the farm and then ginger, apples and lime. Hot and sweet and a little tart all in one delicious sip. I love how there is a delightfully easy pace to the month .. yet when you look around the busyness is still happening. The bees and hummingbirds seeking out food, zipping and buzzing around the gardens. I'm hoping to keep some of this slow and easy rhythm into September ... remembering how wonderful it feels to not rush rush rush.

Nayyirah Waheed writes so beautifully - "be easy, take your time, you are coming home to yourself". Oh if we could remember that all the times we are rushed off our feet, not noticing. I will remember to slow down. To notice. And appreciate the beauty that is always there ... we sometimes miss it in our hurry.

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